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Mafia Bikes

The rapid emergence of the pedal Bikelife culture has created a new and exciting freestyle niche for the streets. With our history in quality BMX and fixed gear bikes, it was inevitable that we would end-up at the forefront of the scene, designing some of the most exciting and affordable wheelie-specific bikes money can buy! BOMMA is a fresh design, with a focus strictly on all-round wheelie tricks. Designed to have a large balance-point range for stable wheelies and combo tricks, it sits quickly and effortlessly on the rear wheel ready for whatever you want to throw at it. Because we know your brake is seriously important, BOMMA 26 comes with a hydraulic rear disk brake installed. Retro fat looks, crazy colourways, hi spec and ultimately created by engineers and designers (who ride wheelie bikes) to give you the ultimate riding experience… why would you pay more for a lot less?? The Bomma 26 now comes kitted out with the all new Lagos Snakeskin 2 tyre. We have Refined and tweaked the snakeskin design to make the Snakeskin 2 the best wheelie specific tyre on the market. Thicker material throughout the body of the tyre to aide with puncture resistance. Deeper tread for a longer lasting tyre Softer compound and a more aggressive knurl for more grip when you need it Wider profile
The long wait is over. The STB and STB-R are finally returning to our shores after the bicycle supply chain disruptions reeked havoc on the world. The ethos is the same, STB (Street Terrain Bike), designed for mashing the streets at effortless velocity, be that on one-wheel or two! Designed from the ground up utilising the latest technology, proven geometry and our own hydro formed alloy tubing. Zero compromise, zero frills, zero bullshit. Designed for work. We’re sorry it took so long, but sometimes the best things are worth waiting for.. Available in frame sizes medium and large Key Riding features: -Designed by riders, for riders with proven geometry -Lightweight construction for ultimate control -Clean lines, savage colourways and carefully considered ease of customisation -Shimano Deore 10 speeds, carefully selected for all riding conditions -Adjustable forks to pinpoint and reflect your riding style -Ultra wide bullet proof double wall rims -Our legendary suede wheelie seat with quick release post -Solid rear axle for easy peg installation -Bullet proof drive-train for extended riding sessions (day after day) -Exaggerated outboard chainstays for frame work -Zoom Hydraulic Brakes 180mm front and 160mm rear for maximum control -Maxxis Hookworm tyres to keep you glued to the roads Peg-ready solid rear axle for combos
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