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Availability Update: North Shore Cycle is expecting a large shipment of previously sold out SE bikes November 2019.  Models include:  Blocks Flyer - Big Flyer - So Cal Flyer - Beast Mode - Maniacc Flyer - Dblocks Ripper.

Pre-ordering these models is the best way to reserve your bike for this next delivery.   All orders will be fulfilled when the bikes arrive.

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SE Bikes So Cal Flyer 24 - PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
SE went berserk this year with a complete makeover of the So Cal Flyer! The...
SE Bikes Big Flyer 29 - PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
The 29” Big Flyer came onto the scene like a gangbuster last year! Within a...
SE Bikes Blocks Flyer 26 - PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
With a Big Honkin' Cruiser bar, all the SE accessories you can dream of, an...
SE Bikes Mike Buff PK Ripper 26 - SOLD OUT
Mike Buff is a BMX pioneer who helped introduce freestyle BMX to the world....
SE Bikes OM Flyer 26 - IN STOCK
A staple in BMX for nearly as long as the sport has been in existence, the ...
SE Bikes Big Ripper 29 - SOLD OUT
The 29-inch Big Ripper has been a staple in the SE line for over 10 years n...
SE Bikes Dblocks Big Ripper 29 -PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
The undisputed king of the streets gets his own signature bike this year. T...
SE Bikes Dogtown Big Ripper 29 - IN STOCK
In the late 70’s, BMX wasn’t the only groundbreaking sport that was taking ...
SE Bikes Maniacc Flyer 27.5+ - PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
Brand new to SE's lineup this year is the Maniacc Flyer, coming in hot and ...
SE Bikes Beast Mode Ripper 27.5+ - PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
Marshawn Lynch’s 27.5+ Beast Mode Ripper makes its much-anticipated return ...
SE Bikes DJ Ripper 26 - IN STOCK
A PK Ripper like you’ve never seen before! The 26” DJ Ripper takes the desi...
SE Bikes Fat Ripper 26 - SOLD OUT
The Fat Ripper is the world’s first and only legit 26-inch fat BMX bike. It...
SE Bikes OM-Duro 27.5+ - PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
To celebrate the life and times of SE’s founder, Scot Breithaupt, and SE’s ...
SE Bikes Fast Ripper 29 - PRE-ORDER FOR NOVEMBER 2019
In the spirit of SE's legendary motto of “BMX Innovations,” they went deep ...
SE Bikes Monster Quad 29+ - IN STOCK
The ultimate definition of BMX Innovations. This year SE introduces the wor...

Marshawn Lynch’s 27.5+ Beast Mode Ripper makes its much-anticipated return this year. Long before Marshawn became an All-Pro NFL running back for the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders, he had a love for BMX. So SE got together with Marshawn to develop a bike that not only could withstand his abuse, but also capture the elements of his home town of Oakland, CA. This year’s silver-and-black beast of a bike has been upgraded with the addition of a front disc brake to help stop the big 27.5” x 3.0” Beast Mode tires in their tracks. And new this year, the number plate now adorns Marshawn’ football jersey number, No. 24. This is the bike to have if you want to be “bout that action!”

Brand new to our lineup this year is the Maniacc Flyer coming in hot, and firing on all cylinders. Or shall we say firing on big ol’ 27.5+ tires! Built with oversized 27.5” x 3.0” Vee x SE Racing Speedster tires and with disc brakes front and rear, this bike is a straight up maniac. Whether raising it up on the streets, ramps, dirt, or whatever you can throw in front of it, there’s no stopping the Maniacc Flyer.

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